Duval World Order


1996 was a great year for me. I turned 13 and started secondary school. The Jaguars reached the playoffs for the first time in their history (at only the second time of asking). And the nWo was formed in WCW.

The nWo (New World Order) was a stable of wrestlers formed when Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans and joined with the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall). It kicked off a period of dominance for WCW which in turn lead to WWF getting edgier and more grown up. In a very real way the nWo kicked off the Attitude Era.

The nWo were meant to be the bad guys. They were meant to be the guys with no fans. But they became incredibly popular. It was cool to be the bad guys. Their effect on professional wrestling can still be seen today. They had a rabid fanbase who was loud and proud. I’m still nWo 4 life. Whenever the WWE releases merchandise in the nWo colours (action figures, t-shirts, etc) I’m all over that.

And in a lot of ways the current Jaguars fanbase reminds me of the nWo fanbase.

Lets not kid ourselves. The Jaguars have been bad for a long time. It’s safe to assume that the fair weather fans have been weeded out. Everyone who is left is a hardcore Jaguars fan. We’re Duval ‘Til We Die. We defiantly wear our replica jerseys, t-shirts and hats despite the poor product put out on the field. We’re loud and proud. Groups like the Bold City Brigade and the Teal Street Hooligans show the nation that the Jaguars do have fans and we’re going to take no sh*t from the national media. It’s become a thing. Don’t mess with Jaguars Twitter. We will RIP your mentions!

So let’s hear you Duval. Throw those devil horns up. It’s toooo sweeeet! We’re the Duval World Order. And we’re dWo 4 life.