2013 Week 7 Preview (vs Chargers)

This game has the potential to re-energize the fanbase or to completely demoralize it.

In a lot of ways, this game is similar to the Broncos game (Week 6). Our Jacksonville Jaguars are playing a team with a great passing offense, a reasonable rushing attack but a passing defense that has struggled. However this game is in our house and Philip Rivers is not Peyton Manning.

I don’t know if it’s possible for a 0-6 team to have a “trap” game but if it is, this is it. I’ve heard all week on Twitter about how the Chargers are coming off a short week. About how they have to make the West-to-East trip. About the new belief in the Jaguars locker room. I see people predicting a Jaguars win. Some people seem certain of it. And while all those facts are true, they’re still just noise. The Jaguars are a team with an obvious talent deficiency. Yes, things are getting better, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Chargers are a very good team. And let’s not forget that a lot of the good the Jaguars did last week came off miscues by the Broncos. We can’t rely on the idea that the Chargers will have the same problems. This game will be a struggle.

If the Jaguars play like they did against the Broncos they have a chance.

If they play like they did against the Colts they’ll get blown out again.

In all honesty, my heart says the Jaguars get their first win today.

My head says otherwise.

Chargers 28 – 24 Jaguars