2013 Week 7 First Take (vs Chargers)

Chargers 24 6 Jaguars

That was a tough game to watch.

Whatever way you slice it, the Jaguars aren’t good enough.

The defense, which to this point had been at least competitive, was completely ineffective. We couldn’t stop the Chargers at all. It was deep into the second half when we first saw the opposition punter. Not good enough.

At no time when we were in the Chargers Red Zone did it feel like were going to score. All season, once we get inside the 20, we’ve failed to convert. Not good enough.

I’m not going to try to blame anything on the refs. They were terrible, but you get the feeling that it wouldn’t have mattered if every decision they made had favoured the Jaguars. We just couldn’t capitalize on anything.

I’ve got to mention Mike Brown though. He had a very good game. If he can continue to develop then our new franchise quaterback will have a lot of toys to play with when he gets here.

A bad game. A tough one to watch. And it doesn’t get any easier next week.

Jaguars drop to 0-7
Chargers improve to 4-3

Next up
The Jaguars “host” the San Francisco 49ers in Wembley Stadium, London.