2013 Week 6 First Take (@ Broncos)

Jaguars 19 35 Broncos

I don’t think a 16 point loss has ever been so much fun!

The Jacksonville Jaguars did every Jaguar fan proud today. They fought hard and they scared the life out of the Broncos. Did you hear the Broncos fans booing at half time? That wasn’t because they were angry. It was because they were scared. Here’s this 0-5 team that everybody thinks is just a cupcake. And this cupcake is going stride for stride with supposedly the best team in the NFL.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves however. We’re still 0-6. We were beaten by 16 points. And we failed on fourth down twice. That isn’t good enough.

However, this game showed promise. If 2013 is about getting better, then this game was the one we took a huge step forward. The defense played lights out. How many three-and-outs did the Broncos have? The CBS commentator called the Denver punter the “loneliest man in Denver” at the start of the first quarter. I don’t think that moniker still applies. There were some rookie mistakes by the young secondary but that’s to be expected. Cyprien and Evans were both called on flags that extended Denver drives. They will eliminate this from their game. All-in-all the defense look good out there. They looked effective. This time next year they could be great. (BTW, the Will Blackmon pickup looks to have been a genius move by the front office)

The offense also looked a lot better. Justin Blackmon had a MONSTER game. That guy is absolute quality. I really hope Cecil Shorts III’s injury isn’t too bad. I want to see them play together this year. A mention must go to Chad Henne too. He had two INTs, yes, but in general he played well. Personally I reckon he has to be named the starter now, whatever Blaine Gabbert’s injury status is.

Our redzone offense though… yuck. These needs to be addressed.

2013 is about improvement. This was the first sign of it.

Jacksonville Jaguars drop to 0-6
Denver Broncos improve to 6-0