2014 Jaguars draft picks

Here are our picks for the 2014 draft.
(Updated on 25 March 2014 with overall pick numbers following compensatory picks release)

Rd 1
3 (3)

Rd 2
7 (39)

Rd 3
6 (70)

Rd 4
5 (105)
14 (114)

Rd 5
4 (144)
10 (150)
19 (159)

Rd 6
3 (179)
29 (205)

Rd 7
7 (222)


Strength of Schedule implications for tonight’s New Orleans – Seattle game

Tonight’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks is an important match up with implications for the NFC playoff race. However with four teams at 3-9 (Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Washington), another at 2-10 (Houston) and the draft order tie breakers coming down to strength of schedule, the game also has implications for the race for the #1 pick in the draft. Below I have listed the changes each result would have on the strength of schedule of each team.

Effect of each result on Strength of Schedule
Team PCT SoS New Orleans victory Seattle Seahawks victory
Houston Texans 0.167 0.550 Weakened (0-1) Strengthened (1-0)
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.250 0.503 Weakened (0-1) Strengthened (1-0)
Washington Football 0.250 0.516 No change (0-0) No change (0-0)
Atlanta Falcons 0.250 0.553 Strengthened (2-1) Weakened (1-2)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.250 0.582 Strengthened (2-1) Weakened (1-2)

As you can see from the table above, a victory for the New Orleans Saints is the best result for the Jaguars, weakening their strength of schedule (to an even 0.500) and strengthening that of the Falcons and Bucs.


2013 Week 13 picks

Starting record: 112-63

Packers vs Lions
Raiders vs Cowboys
Steelers vs Ravens
Dolphins vs Jets
Cardinals vs Eagles
Patriots vs Texans
Bears vs Vikings
Jaguars vs Browns
Titans vs Colts
Buccaneers vs Panthers
Rams vs 49ers
Falcons vs Bills
Broncos vs Chiefs
Bengals vs Chargers
Giants vs Washington
Saints vs Seahawks

Week 13 record: 2-1

Ending record: 114-64


2013 Week 7 Picks

Starting record: 60-32

Seahawks vs Cardinals
Patriots vs Jets
Cowboys vs Eagles
Bears vs Washington
Chargers vs Jaguars
Bills vs Dolphins
Rams vs Panthers
Bengals vs Lions
Buccaneers vs Falcons
49ers vs Titans
Texans vs Chiefs
Ravens vs Steelers
Browns vs Packers
Broncos vs Colts
Vikings vs Giants

Week 6 record: 11-4

Ending record: 71-36